I was born in Austria in 1975 as the daughter of an Austrian father and a Swedish mother. After spending time in Sweden on a multitude of occasions and on a regular basis ever since I was a child, I am extremely well acquainted with Swedish culture and society, not to mention the Swedish language. I have now been living and working in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, since 2007. I spend several weeks in Austria every year and also use television, the Internet and books to regularly stay up to date on politics, culture and society in both Germany and Austria.

After completing training and further education in fields of humanism, economics and tourism, I was able to achieve the following qualifications:

  • European Diploma in Business Administration (Diplom der Europa-Sektretärin) (German/English/French) and the LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, level 2) language examination at the European Schools for Higher Education in Administration and Management, Vienna
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy in the subject of Scandinavian Studies (main language: Swedish) at the University of Vienna
  • A diploma as an Authorised Stockholm Tour Guide for German and Swedish from the Stockholm Visitors Board in Stockholm
  • Bachelor of Arts in Translation Studies at the University of Stockholm

My professional development has involved a number of administrative roles as a secretary/assistant in the steel and tool industry, at tax consulting and auditing companies and in the tourism sector. I have also been working as an authorised tour guide in Stockholm, mainly for groups of German-speaking tourists, during the summer months since 2011.

During my degree course in Scandinavian Studies in Vienna, I additionally worked intensively as a Swedish language coach for adults and produced transcripts of interviews in the fields of culture and nursing science.

My first major step towards the translation industry was my role as a Project Manager at two different translation agencies in Stockholm. My work in this position enabled me to gain well-established experience in the project management of and linguistic quality checks on translations, as well as the technical aspects of using specific translation software.

My undying passion for languages in general and translation in particular ultimately led me to return to university to study at the Institute of Interpreting and Translation Studies as a specialist translator. I achieved my Bachelor's degree from the University of Stockholm in May 2016 and have been working full-time as a self-employed translator ever since.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about me, my expertise and my experience. I would also be happy to send you a copy of my CV on request.