I offer translations from Swedish and English into my native language of German. My specialist areas, which are based on my career development, education and personal interests, are as follows:


  • Tourism, travel and museums
  • Business, finance and annual reports
  • General law (contracts and agreements)
  • Marketing, advertising and websites
  • Fashion, clothing and textiles
  • Tools and industry (general)
  • Internet, IT and telecommunication
  • Culinary topics, cooking and baking
  • Sport, fitness and wellness
  • Journalism and politics
  • Literature, culture and film
  • Philosophy, archaeology and history
  • E-learning and education
  • Linguistics and language history


As a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (Opens external link in new windowSFÖ), I fully comply with its guidelines. This is particularly reflected in the fact that I only translate into my native tongue of German in order to guarantee quality assurance.

On 1st August 2006, the latest German spelling reform with the amendments developed by the Council for German Orthography (Rat für deutsche Rechtschreibung) came into force. Ever since this reform, I have consulted the latest version of the dictionary DUDEN: Die deutsche Rechtschreibung when tackling any spelling-related issues. If the DUDEN publication states that two different spellings are possible, I always use the recommended option.

I am also happy to adapt texts to use Austrian German as a target language where needed, for example if you would like to use specific Austrian terms in texts referring to Austrian food and drink or concerning Austrian authorities and institutions.

I possess well-established computer skills and work with the following software: SDL Trados Studio 2015, Microsoft Office 2013, Abbyy Fine Reader 12, Adobe Acrobat and Wordfinder Professional.

As you would expect, I also work with a small amount of classic reference material such as monolingual and bilingual general and technical dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopaedias, glossaries and handbooks.

My translation prices are calculated per word in the source text and depend on the scope and level of difficulty of the text in question. I also grant discounts in the case of large projects or recurring assignments, as well as for clients who support projects by providing resources such as reference material or industry-specific glossaries.

Please use my contact details or the contact form on my website to request a quote for your specific project. I will reply as soon as possible with a free and unbinding offer to suit your needs and requirements.