Four eyes can see more than two. This proven fact is essential when it comes to ensuring optimal results.

When proofreading my clients' texts, I pay huge attention to detail when checking them for any language errors with regard to spelling and grammar. I also ensure that the right vocabulary has been used and that the terminology remains consistent through the entire document/project.

Editing includes additional services such as checking for correct phrasing, ensuring that the structure of the text is well-thought-out and adapting the style to suit the target audience or text genre where necessary.

Given that four eyes can see more than two, I also offer my quality control services in cooperation with other qualified translators and editors with many years of experience in the field. My prices for these services are based on hourly rates that depend on the scope and level of difficulty of the text in question.

Please use my contact details or the contact form on my website to request a quote for your specific project. I will reply as soon as possible with a free and unbinding offer to suit your needs and requirements.